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'Some Place Special'

Our Vision

“Some Place Special” is the dream of Terri Cash, Founder of Hands of Grace Africa, Inc. After traveling 3 countries and some 2,500 km per trip for the past several years, teaching sewing, crafting and biblical business, she decided it was time to set up a base and get serious about empowering these women. She chose Gondola Mozambique for their African home. Gondola is centrally located on a major transportation route for all travel east to west from the Beira port on the Indian Ocean. The base will take shape as a coffee shop/education center. The “Coffee shop” is a means of financing the education center. Participants will put their skills to practical application by hours worked in the coffee shop. This will provide experience and confidence as well as a reference on their resumes. With the classroom on sight Sewing, Crafting, English, Biblical Business Principles, Basic Computer Skills will be standard curriculum. All the items produced in the class- room will be sold in the coffee shop. Items include baked goods, jams, sauces, sewing and crafted items to appeal to international guests and locals.

This will allow a unique opportunity for other mission bases and locals to sell their products and produce, either as ingredients or stand alone items, thereby building a net- work and expanding the reach of the Lord’s territory. “Some Place Special” will also be a place to host local meetings, bible studies, and a place for other missionaries to rest, relax, read a book, and have a proper cup of coffee. With Wi-Fi access it will be easy for them to “phone home” and maintain contact with supporters. It’s a place for Friday night community movies about far away places that exhibit the splendor, glory and majesty of the Lord. Pictures and sound that make us go, “Wow! isn't our God awesome,” relates to He loves you so much He did that for you.

A place for Saturday afternoon praise and worship for locals and missionaries to come together breaking the division between culture, race and economics. A ministry tool for relationship building. Walking out our faith in a daily business setting to all that darken our door. That is “Some Place Special” A place where the spirit of peace, wisdom, rest and knowledge meet with all of us daily. I’m looking forward to the day we serve coffee and pastries to our supporters in Mozambique. Won't that be special.

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